Counting Crows new album ‘Somewhere Under Wonderland’ is out today, 09/02!

The Counting Crows new album ‘Somewhere Under Wonderland’ is out today, 09/02! I had the pleasure of attending the Counting Crows live pre-release show on 08/31 with a longtime friend at Irving Plaza in New York City thanks to SiriusXM. It was an experience of a lifetime with our friends at Live Nation and Yahoo! live streaming the show on Yahoo! Screen for those who could not be there in person (Replay the show from 08/31). Every track on the new album including the demos create a unique and emotional listening experience for me particularly since over a good chunk of my lifetime and the 10 years since I started my career on FM radio, the Counting Crows have been one of the few groups that just stick out from the rest. Although the entire album is well done in my book, my top three tracks from this release are #2, #5, and #6.

The show I hosted on terrestrial radio for 6 years, “VinnyMac’s 9” featured the most tracks from the Counting Crows to ever appear on the popular segment – “The VinnyMac’s 9 Countdown” requested by the listeners and mounted as the most played band to continuously land at the #1 spot with tracks such as “A Long December”, “Up all Night”, “If I Could Give All My Love”, “Big Yellow Taxi”, and the classic “Mr. Jones”. I’d say the Counting Crows are the biggest reminder of why I loved hosting a radio show for 18+ hours over 2 – 3 days a week where listeners from all over the world had a direct connection between myself and the musicians featured and with the biggest influence on the outcome of the show because it was designed by and for the listeners, not solely to make a quick large sum of cash! My home station live streamed over the web in several formats at the time so we had people from all over we never would have guessed were listening, let alone call in.

Due to a major change in management several years ago, I left my home station to pursue another line of work which I enjoy, however I would definitely like to get back on the air doing what I used to because it affected so many in a positive way. Social media was not widely available and used when I was on the air and it has vastly changed the world’s experience which I have felt for some time would make The VinnyMac’s 9 Radio Show much more interactive with bands like the Counting Crows which is what the show is all about (Music, interviews, live studio performances, and ticket/VIP pass/album contests and giveaways – About VinnyMac).

Over the years the big thing I have always treasured about the Counting Crows is the band actively encourages photographing and recording of its concerts and allows fans to swap recordings for personal non-profit use. This is the kind of thing many labels and distributors would view as criminal however from my perspective, if the music is really good enough to buy I should be able to at least preview it using common platforms like YouTube before I purchase the digitally mastered tracks and/or physical media. I did it with the Counting Crows and I do it with all musicians I listen to. If the music is too difficult to acquire for an unfair price just to preview it, I’d just say well, too bad it must not be good enough to personally own and truly support the artist who made it. The Counting Crows must have done something right…they’ve been around for 23 years and they still know how to put a unique spin on their music and shows, notably the recent chalk art to reveal the album, tracks, and also give away tickets to the pre-release show on 08/31 at Irving Plaza in NYC!

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-‘Somewhere Under Wonderland’ Artwork Revealed Across the County – [Link]
-Pics from Counting Crows Live at Irving Plaza, 08/31 [Link]

The band

Counting Crows at Irving Plaza – 08/31/2014
Courtesy SiriusXM Promotions and Events

-Jim Bogios – drums, backing vocals (2002–present)
-David Bryson – guitar, backing vocals (1991–present)
-Adam Duritz – lead vocals, piano (1991–present)
-Charlie Gillingham – accordion, clarinet, keyboards, piano (1992–present)
-David Immerglück – guitar, pedal steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals (1999–present)
-Millard Powers – bass guitar, piano, backing vocals (2005–present)
-Dan Vickrey – lead guitar, backing vocals, banjo (1994–present)


Preview ‘Somewhere Under Wonderland’:

1. “Palisades Park” – 8:21

2. “Earthquake Driver” – 3:31

3. “Dislocation” – 4:55

4. “God of Ocean Tides” – 3:12

5. “Scarecrow” – 4:47

6. “Elvis Went to Hollywood” – 3:56

7. “Cover Up the Sun” – 3:46

8. “John Appleseed’s Lament” – 4:43

9. “Possibility Days” – 4:12


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