NYC Trip for the Counting Crows Album Pre-release Show Live at Irving Plaza

I had the pleasure of attending the Counting Crows live show on 08/31 for the upcoming album release of ‘Somewhere Under Wonderland’ on 09/02 with a longtime friend at Irving Plaza in New York City thanks to SiriusXM. It was an experience of a lifetime with our friends at Live Nation and Yahoo! live streaming the show on Yahoo! Screen for those who could not be there in person (Replay the show from 08/31). I am no stranger to NYC…here are some pics from my recent trip!

Yawn!…Leaving my house in Richmond, Virginia early in the morning on 08/30…About to get in the VinnyMac branded Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to pick up my friend in Northern Virginia.


No, we did not take the Jersey Turnpike. I have a better way!


Kroger’s Citrus Drop Xtreme is wildly addictive. I imagine Overcharge in Sunset Overdrive is just as bad!


It’s an addiction…life’s gonna kill me!



My guest and I stayed for two nights at The Lex Hotel NYC. Would recommend!




The arsenal of cellular technology used for the Labor Day weekend in NYC! Gotta have mobile data when you manage so much while away! Thanks FreedomPop!


The Sprint 3G and 4G coverage in New York City is excellent just about everywhere I go which makes working on the go so much easier…


An ancient artifact used a longtime ago to make phone calls. #ancienthistory



Caught the venue making the switch for Sunday night as the Garfunkel and Oates show was letting out Saturday evening, 08/30.



Had a great time at the Pizza Pub on 3rd Avenue with good friends and drinks in NYC!




Where much of the satellite radio magic happens in NYC! Not only did I love working on the radio since I spent 6 years on terrestrial radio but I mean come on, space! #SiriusXM #SiriusXMRadio #Innovation


There is a good reason why there is a line at Carnegie’s Deli…always been one of my must go to places while in NYC!


I had to check with my friend Kevin back in Virginia to see if this was a good place to eat particularly while in NYC. He said no! It’s an inside joke…


Lunchtime on Sunday at McGee’s Pub, the inspiration for McLaren’s Pub in How I Met Your Mother!



This was the most “barbecuey” sandwich I have ever eaten!



The nasty storm creeping up on the city at 4 PM EDT on Sunday. Luckily the rain stopped in time to walk the few block to get to the venue.



Prepping for the live stream of the show!




The Counting Crows before the show on 08/31


The Counting Crows with VinnyMac and Jinx before the show on 08/31



No doubt the Crows were on fire! The sweat from David’s arm looked like sparks flying off the guitar! See more pics from the show!




Amalgamated…it’s a funny sounding word to me…amalgamated! Reminds me of Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals in Superhero Movie (2008).


VinnyMac and Jinx taking a quick pic near the New York Design Center on Labor Day!


Enjoyed a few Shock Tops at Fitzgerald’s Pub on 3rd Avenue followed by a kick-ass cheeseburger a few blocks down. #ThumbsUp!







Leaving New York City late Monday afternoon, 09/01…see you again soon!

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