Quick Tech Tip – FreedomPop Branded Samsung 4G LTE Devices with Hidden Profile and PRL Update Menus

FreedomPop shipped many of their new Samsung 4G LTE branded phones with the profile and PRL update menus hidden. Remember, the FreedomPop Freedom Phone is a product still in beta! This is an issue if you need to manually update your phone due to account and/or network changes. Waiting for the network to push these updates automatically can take a while. To manually update the profile and PRL, open the phone’s native Android dialer and dial ##update# (##873283#). This procedure looks for and applies updates to your phone’s profile, PRL, and firmware (if any).

Profile: Device username, password, and network configuration used to connect to the carrier’s cellular network.

Preferred Roaming List (PRL): The database residing on a cellular device which contains information used during the system selection and acquisition process to connect to the carrier’s network.

Note: Updating the data profile requires the device to be in a Sprint coverage area.

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