Quick Tech Tip – Some of the Best Low Cost Options in Cellular

As part of my quest for innovative technologies and alpha and beta testing with Republic Wireless (based in Raleigh, NC) over the last three years, I love being able to make calls and texts over wifi (as I travel) in addition to cellular on a major network with unheard of pricing plans and the ability to easily change your service plan up to two times in a monthly billing cycle. It’s definitely great when you’re in the middle of nowhere where there is no cell service (cough, West Virginia) but do have wifi available…and the fact that it seamlessly transitions between wifi/cell while on an active call is one of my favorite parts. Verizon’s Network Extender doesn’t work quite that well. Both of my parents are on my account and my father who has been in the telecommunications industry for over 50 years of whom holds 8 patents in telephony related technologies in both the wired and cellular has constantly told me this is the best phone with the best service he has ever had…and this is coming from 15 years being on Verizon Wireless and AT&T. I ate about $350 in ETF fees for each of 5 lines coming from the previous carriers to come into “The Republic” and I have no regrets. Republic Wireless has constantly proven themselves from my perspective, to be one of the best options in wireless. https://republicwireless.com/info/phones/

Here are Republic’s current plans. The service requires you to purchase one of their Motorola Moto E, G, or X (the G and X are solid running Android 4.4.4) as they have customized the phone’s ROM to make the seamless cell/wifi functionality work but the initial cost of the phone is made up in no time. I have never been a fan at any time of the Sprint network however through the MVNO’s customized software the experience is much better and I don’t even notice (even though I really do know) I’m on Sprint. Also I have noticed over the last year Sprint has made significant improvements to their network everywhere I travel.

If you’re a die hard iPhone user or would like to use a different branded phone other than Motorola, I would recommend trying FreedomPop (based in Los Angeles, CA) and hopping on their unlimited everything plan for $19.99/month. If you only need basic service, FreedomPop does offer free service which includes 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB data per month. The network is Sprint as well. They offer a wider lineup of phones, other data devices like modems and hotspots, service add-ons you might find useful, and you can BYOD (for a nominal one time fee) if you have a supported Sprint device. The voice and text pieces on FreedomPop are provided through an app which is still in beta so I would try their Free Voice and Text app (which is essentially the same thing just on a non FreedomPop Phone) on an existing phone before you make the switch so you can get an idea on how it works and the quality of the voice and text service. http://www.freedompop.com/phone

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